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Zoo Jamz Xylophone™

18 - 48 Months

Zoo Jamz Xylophone™

  • Eight light-up music bars
  • Three interactive learning modes
  • Games feature multiple learning levels
  • Includes mallet on a pull cord
  • Rotate the caterpillar's head by moving it side to side


Box Dimension: 32 x 24.1 x 13.3 cm



Get ready to make music with the Zoo Jamz Xylophone™. Little musicians can learn notes and play music with this cute caterpillar through three interactive modes and multiple levels of fun. Tap the eight light-up bars to hear the music notes and play songs. Watch the caterpillar play a series of notes and then repeat the sequence, or follow the light-up bars to learn how to play a song. Then, use your imagination to create your own tune! This music-loving caterpillar plays new and familiar tunes, and you can move its head from side to side. Use the mallet to pull your new friend along wherever you go!