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Zoo Jamz Doggy Xylophone™

1.5–4 Years

This adorable pup introduces kids to basic music concepts with its eight colorful light-up bars and an easy-to-use mallet. Kids can create music, learn sequences and play along with songs, all while fine-tuning hand-eye coordination and tapping into their creativity.

Zoo Jamz Doggy Xylophone™

  • Engage kids with activities that ignite creativity and introduce them to sounds, sequences, and notes
  • Young musicians can observe the sequence and copy the tunes, exploring eight unique musical notes as they go
  • Pull the pup along, and as the music plays, see his legs move with every step
  • Kids can craft their own songs, boosting artistic confidence with every tune
  • Every tap on the colorful bars is a step towards mastering hand-eye coordination
  • Bring together the whole Zoo Jamz musical toy collection to let kids' creativity harmonize! Each item sold separately


Box Dimension: 32.5 x 24.1 x 13.3 cm


Battery:2 x AA

Hit the right note with this adorable Zoo Jamz Xylophone, the perfect grow-with-me musical buddy! Start the journey with free play, where budding musicians express artistic creativity as they tap the bars. Then follow along as each bar lights up in sequence, guiding them through the do-re-mi scale. Put on a show! The final step introduces eight songs little ones can learn to play; just tap each bar as it flashes to advance the tune, note by note. Inspire confidence and learn important school readiness skills like following patterns through three progressive levels. Pair with other Zoo Jamz instruments (each sold separately) to bring the band together! Batteries included for demo purposes only. New batteries recommended for regular use.