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Touch & Learn Wooden Activity Cube

12 Months

Toddlers find fun around every corner with five sides of activities that introduce shapes, colors, numbers, animals and music.

Touch & Learn Wooden Activity Cube

  • Explore the outdoors with this wooden activity cube, jam-packed with age-appropriate fun
  • Chat with puppy on the removable phone, learning about colours and numbers
  • Press five animals to learn about their instruments, colours, and names
  • Learn mode teaches five fun musical styles, from rock to bluegrass
  • Press the light up piano keys to make music with 5 different instruments, from violin to trumpet
  • Practise fine motor skills by moving the beads around in the cube’s “sky”
  • Learn about numbers and counting from 1-9 playing with the 9 flip blocks


Box Dimension: W28.8 x H33 x D20 cm



It’s a block party with the Touch & Learn Wooden Activity Cube™, only at Target! Exciting activities around every corner introduce toddlers to shapes, colors, numbers, animals and music. Touch the five friendly animals to hear them play their instruments, then use the light-up piano keys to make your own music using fiddle, drum, flute, guitar and trumpet sounds. The phone’s ringing! Pick it up to chat with your new puppy pal, Dog. Take a trip to the top of the cube and spin the cloud or slide the beads around the maze to build problem-solving and coordination skills. Can you find a picture of five ladybugs? Find the blocks on the side and flip them to explore numbers and things from nature. Slide to the other side and move the squirrel and butterfly or turn the interlocking gears to see cause and effect at work. The fifth side features a shape sorter to use with the four included shape blocks. This cube is made with 100% FSC™-certified wood that comes from well-managed forests. Batteries included for demo purposes only. New batteries recommended for regular use.