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Soft & Smart Sensory Cube

3 Months

Six sides of multisensory play on a colorful cube that includes a mirror, multiple fabrics, textures and balls to put in and take out.

Soft & Smart Sensory Cube

  • This soft activity cube has six sides of tactile, visual and auditory play that keeps your baby engaged from infant to toddler
  • Feel the soft fabric, smooth ribbons, crinkly butterfly wings, three textured balls and more to explore the sense of touch
  • See the black and white patterns, colorful fabric designs and peek-a-boo mirror to stimulate your baby's developing sight and self-discovery
  • With a motion sensor, buttons and an interactive puppy, the activity cube sparks little ones' curiosity with fun sounds, phrases and upbeat songs


Box Dimension: 27.5 x 27.9 x 13.3 cm


Battery:2 AAA

What's playful, bright and soft all over? The Soft & Smart Sensory Cube™ is the answer to your baby's developing need to explore. This grow-with-me toy intrigues babies with its black-and-white patterns and colorful designs while toddlers love the put-and-take play. Three colorful buttons, a motion sensor and an interactive puppy encourage play with learning phrases and upbeat songs. Colorful fabric, ribbons, nubby apples and crinkly wings make this activity cube an adventure in touch, sight and sound. Little ones get to practice face recognition and self-discovery with the baby-safe mirror. As motor skills develop, your growing baby can grasp the handle, apples and puppy's paws. Toddlers can take the three textured balls out of the cube and put them in again. Put, take, repeat–it's one of their favorite games! Batteries included for demo purposes only. New batteries recommended for regular use.