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Secret Safe Notebook

6 - 11 Years

Secret Safe Notebook

  • Create your own number passcode to keep your secrets safe! Record voice entries and listen to built-in music! Play the fun “Guess my number” game! Display your favourite photo on the front cover! Write down all of your secret notes in the included notebook (A6 size with 30 pages) and pen! Store items inside the secret compartment!


Box Dimension: 24.1 x 27.5 x 6.5cm



Keep all of your secrets safe with the Secret Safe Notebook by VTech®! This stylish electronic journal comes with an A6 sized notebook and a pen for you to write down anything and everything you’d like! Protect your notebook with a 4-digit passcode so only you can access it and keep your secrets hidden from prying eyes! Record up to 10 voice entries and apply funny effects to your voice! See how good your counting skills are by playing the fun Guess my Number maths game! Listen to the 10 built-in melodies whilst writing in your notebook! Includes volume controls.