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Race-Along Bear

12 - 36 Months

Race car with press down bear. Press the bear to see the race car zoom! Twistable race flag! 2 buttons play songs, melodies, phrases and more!

Race-Along Bear

  • Push down on the Bear to see the car race forward! Twist and psin the flag to build motor skills
  • The 2 buttons on the side of the car play fun phrases, sounds and music
  • The front of the car lights up with the responses
  • Includes 15 melodies and 3 sing-along songs


Box Dimension: 25 x 21.6 x 11.6 cm


Battery:2 x AAA

It's time to race with the Race-along Bear by VTechR! Press Bear's head to watch the race car zoom! Bear will play fun responses, including short tunes, melodies, race car sounds and more as he drives! The front of the race car lights up when responses are playing. 2 buttons on the side of the race car trigger sing-along songs, fun phrases and more! There is even a twistable race flag on the side of the race car. Twisting the race flag & pressing the buttons encourages motor skill development. Features 15 melodies and 3 sing-along songs.

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