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Marble Rush™ Double Drop Set

4 Years

Double the fun with the Marble Rush Double Drop Set!

Marble Rush™ Double Drop Set

  • Easy to construct, continuous, modular marble runs make it faster for children to innovate and build
  • Includes 5 marbles and 47 building pieces
  • Features double drop module & launcher
  • Compatible with other VTech Marble Rush items
  • Various launch points keep children engaged without interrupting the fun


Box Dimension: 28.8 x 21.6 x 12.8 cm



What cool creations can you come up with, with this 47 piece play set? The Marble Rush Double Drop Set features 2 fill & tip marble modules, so marbles can collect up and drop down not once, but twice! The set includes 5 marbles and a marble launcher module for you to propel your marbles with! This play set is compatible with other VTech Marble Rush items, so you can combine it to add to your marble rush world! Includes a colour-coded assembly guide!

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