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Magic Adventures™ Binoculars

4+ Years

Zoom in on nature and bring the world into focus using real binoculars with a digital camera and video screen. Explore nature through 340+ BBC videos and images.

Magic Adventures™ Binoculars

  • Focus on nature around you using these real binoculars and camera with 2
  • 4” video screen for easy viewing; navigate habitats in search of animals in an exciting adventure game
  • Zoom in on plants, birds and more during the day or the things that only come out at night using night vision with up to 10x optical zoom
  • Expand nature knowledge by viewing 340+ pictures and videos provided by the BBC about animals, plants, fungi, habitats and more
  • Play an adventure game and search for animals in new environments to learn exciting facts; test your knowledge of animals, plants, fungi and more in the Field Guide Quiz


Box Dimension: 25 x 24.1 x 8.5 cm


Battery:4 x AA

Explore the wonders in your own backyard and the world around you using these real binoculars with a 2.4” video screen for easy viewing. Young naturalists can use the 10x eyepiece magnification to focus on plants and animals during the day or use night vision for nocturnal creatures and be amazed at the close-to-home wonders around them in detail. See something cool? Capture and save pictures of your discoveries! Enjoy 340+ amazing videos and images, from the BBC that expand nature knowledge by exploring animals, insects, plants, fungi and more. Adventure game time! Run, jump and climb through five exciting environments in search of various animals from around the world; test your new knowledge with the Field Guide Quiz. Batteries included for demo purposes only. New batteries recommended for regular use.