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Letter Band Phonics Jam™

2 - 6 Years

Sing and Learn with All the Letters of the Alphabet!Explore letters and music with Tad and his letter band. Press the letter buttons to hear them sing their names and letter sounds.

Letter Band Phonics Jam™

  • Singing letters:Press the 26 letter buttons to hear them sing their names and sounds
  • Playful instruments:Light-up instrument buttons say their names and can be used to create music
  • Three-letter words:Follow along with Tad and learn to spell three-letter words like Rap and Jam
  • Five learning modes:Play in Letter & Phonics, Spelling, Game, Music or Jukebox mode for a variety of exciting activities


Box Dimension: 40.0x33.0x5.8 cm



Join Tad and his Letter Factory friends as they explore letters and music in the Letter Band Phonics Jam™. Hear each letter sing its name and sound by pressing the 26 letter buttons, or learn to spell three-letter words by following along with Tad. Get to know Tad’s instrument friends by pressing their light-up buttons to discover their names and how they sound. Tad also plays the guitar and sings the ABC song. Jam along with Tad and the letter band!