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(New) Learn & Groove® Jazzy Saxophone™

18+ Months

Hey cool cats and kittens, meet Jazzy Cat and encourage budding jazz musicians to get creative playing music while exploring colors and numbers.

(New) Learn & Groove® Jazzy Saxophone™

  • Explore saxophone, bass, clarinet, accordion, drum and cat sounds to make your own music
  • Press the cool-cat button to play along to jazz-inspired tunes with an encouraging kitty friend
  • Follow along with the double-sided music cards and learn to play popular tunes
  • Recognize different colors as Jazzy Cat sings their names and see the bell light up in the same color
  • Blow into the mouthpiece to make silly sounds and see a colorful light display
  • Hear different notes while exploring numbers 1-8 along a musical scale


Box Dimension: 25 x 33 x 11.6 cm


Battery:3 x AAA

Hey cool cats and kittens, let’s jam with this colorful, light-up saxophone! Meet Jazzy Cat, the purrfect pal for encouraging young musicians to get creative. Play saxophone sounds or turn the dial to explore the whole band with bass, clarinet, accordion, drum sounds or jazzy meows. Includes two double-sided music cards so little ones can play popular songs too. Press the colorful buttons to play the notes and explore numbers 1-8. Blow into the mouthpiece for silly sound effects as the bell lights up in a variety of colors. It’s time to get grooving!