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Kidi Secrets Notebook™

6 - 12 Years

Passcode-protected electronic journal for writing and drawing is just right for kids to keep their ideas safe. Includes a secret compartment for hidden treasures!

Kidi Secrets Notebook™

  • Passcode-protected journal opens only with child's secret code
  • Includes a replaceable 4" x 6" notebook, marker and hidden compartment for small treasures
  • Record voice entries and add silly voice-changing effects
  • Comes with 10 songs and a number-guessing game
  • Includes a parental passcode override function for peace of mind


Box Dimension: 27.5x24.1x6.5 cm


Battery:3 AA

Encourage young writers with the Kidi Secrets Notebook™! This electronic, passcode-protected journal comes with a notebook and marker and includes a hidden compartment for small treasures. When the secret four-digit code is entered correctly, the cover will spring open! With a cover that can be personalized with a photo, this journal gives children the space and privacy to develop their creativity. Kids can record voice entries and apply voice-changing special effects. Ten songs are included so children can listen to music as they draw and write. In Game mode, kids can play the guess-my-number game and practice addition and subtraction. The included notebook can be replaced when it's full with a standard 4" x 6" notebook. Includes a parental passcode override. Intended for ages 6-12 years. Requires 3 AA batteries. Batteries included for demo purposes only. New batteries recommended for regular use.