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Clic the ABC, 123 Laptop(pink)

3 Years

Practise your letters, counting and basic computer literacy with your new laptop friend – Clic!

Clic the ABC, 123 Laptop(pink)

  • Practise your letters, counting, and basic computer literacy with Clic - your new laptop friend
  • Clic's hands move and face animates as they tell jokes, sing and dance
  • Play over 10 engaging activities to learn about letters, numbers, typing and simple coding


Box Dimension: 32.5 x 33 x 7.8 cm



Clic’s hands move and his face animates as he tells jokes, sings and dances. Clic loves football and hanging out with his buddy Computer Chip (but you can just call him Chip for short!). Learn and laugh as you play over 10 engaging activities. Press the letter and number buttons to hear their names and see silly animations. Count the snacks and then feed them to Clic. Code simple programs to clean or cuddle him. You can even practise typing and send and receive texts to Chip. Learning is just a click away with Clic - your adorable new lap top pal!

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