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4-in-1 Learning Hamburger™

12+ Months

The 4-in-1 Learning Hamburger stacker includes buns and six ingredients to build a colorful burger. Spin or stack the toppings on the pole, separate them into puzzle pieces and play a game of ring toss.

4-in-1 Learning Hamburger™

  • Build your perfect burger by placing the ingredients on the pole and watching them whirl to the bottom
  • Six ingredients show color words and square, circle, heart, triangle and star shapes
  • Burger, onion, tomato, pickle and cheese toppings have removable shape pieces in the center for puzzle-solving play
  • Use the spiral pole to play a game of ring toss with the ingredients
  • Each piece features bumpy, wavy or fuzzy textures to discover
  • The plastic used to make this product is 85% reclaimed
  • Using reclaimed plastic means less waste goes into landfills


Box Dimension: 18.8 x 21.6 x 13.3 cm



Build a burger and coordination skills with this colorful stacker. Put each bright layer on the pole and watch the ingredients spin to the bottom. Colorful condiments show color words and feature enticing textures for little chefs to explore. Pop the puzzle pieces out of the center of the burger, onion, tomato, pickle and cheese to discover different shapes and play a game of ring toss. It’s learning made to order! The pieces are made with 85% reclaimed plastic which means less waste goes into landfills.

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