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(New) Peek & Turn Discovery Book™

6+ Months

Press the caterpillar or shape buttons to discover animals, objects, colors and music on every page. An easy-grip handle with slider beads lets little ones explore at home or on the go!

(New) Peek & Turn Discovery Book™

  • From the sky to the sea and everywhere in between, uncover colors, creatures and common objects with every flip of the page
  • Easy-press buttons play cheery music and melodies or introduce shapes, colors, counting and cute animal facts
  • What do you see? Press the smiling caterpillar to hear questions and answers about who’s at each location
  • Hit the road and keep an eye out for the locations in real life while sliding the handle beads up and down
  • This unisex interactive flip book is great for babies and infants to explore animals, objects and start a love of reading; makes a cute gift for baby showers, holidays, first birthdays or just because


Box Dimension: 25 x 27.9 x 6.5 cm


Battery:2 x AA

Explore a world of adorable animals and items in this playful book. Each flip of the page lets little ones travel through exciting environments, from frolicking in the forest to a night on the savanna. Move the slider between music, learn and explore modes. Press the shaped buttons for cheery melodies, naming and counting items, or discovering what animals love to do in the different locations. What do you see? The helpful caterpillar guide asks and answers questions about who’s hanging out at each place. What a page turner! Batteries included for demo purposes only. New batteries recommended for regular use.