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My Busy Workbench™

3 - 6 Years

119 piece workbench. 61 play pieces include 3 smart tools, recognised by the workbench. 3 modes of role-play fun! Includes guidebook!

My Busy Workbench™

  • 3 detachable smart tools trigger fun responses
  • Features 119 pieces in total with 61 play pieces
  • Includes double-sided 6 page booklet with 2D and 3D build projects
  • 5 light up buttons on the panel trigger fun role-play responses
  • 3 modes of play! Free play, Quiz mode and Music mode
  • Storage for all of the tools and play pieces


Box Dimension: 47 x 39 x 15 cm


Battery:2 x AA

This toy workbench is sure to hit the nail on the head for your little builder! Discover 3 detachable smart tools which trigger fun responses on the workbench smart recognition point. 119 pieces included in total! Assemble the workbench and then play and create with 61 play pieces! Play pieces include screws, nails, nuts, bolts, hammer, spanner, drill, screwdriver, saw and more! A double-sided 6 page booklet features 2D and 3D build projects! Press the 5 light up buttons on the panel for more fun role-play responses! 3 modes of play! Free play, Quiz mode and Music mode! Includes a play piece storage tray!