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Marble Rush® Magnetic Magic

4 Years

120 piece play set! Features electronic rocket ship, UFO, mega marble flipper, U-Turn module, 5 standard marbles and 5 mega marbles!

Marble Rush® Magnetic Magic

  • Easy to construct, continuous, modular marble runs make it faster for children to innovate and build! Includes 115 pieces, 10 marbles (5 metallic marbles) and 1 electronic module! Magnetic chain reaction for new and exciting stunts and tricks! Magnets flip, turn and pull marbles through the tracks! Electronic sorting spaceship and Rising UFO add to the fun and excitement! Compatible with other VTech Marble Rush® sets!


Box Dimension: 45x 33 x 13.3 cm



Explore this 120 piece Marble Rush® play set that's out of this world! The Marble Rush® Magnetic Magic set features an electronic rocket ship, which pops up and sends marbles in different directions, all whilst playing cool music and sound effects! The set includes 10 marbles, 5 of which are special mega marbles that react with the magnetic modules! Magnetic modules flip, turn and pull the mega marbles as they rush around the track! Watch as the UFO rises up when it collects a mega marble! This play set is compatible with other VTech Marble Rush® items! Includes a colour-coded assembly guide.

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