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Lullaby Lambs Mobile

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"The Lullaby Lambs Mobile plays songs, melodies, nature sounds and white noise while the detachable mobile projects a light show to soothe baby to sleep. "

Lullaby Lambs Mobile

  • Easily and safely attaches to most cots and play pens
  • Features 3 cute, soft sheep that dangle from the mobile
  • Includes a soothing lights that project to help send baby to sleep
  • Plays 4 lullabies and 40 melodies to relax your little one
  • Set the timer to automatically switch off the mobile after 5, 15 or 30 minutes of music
  • The mobile is detachable, so you can place it on a bedside table as an alternative option


Box Dimension: 40.0x30.5x10.0cm


Battery:2 x AAA and 3 x AA

The Lullaby Lambs Mobile is the perfect mobile for soothing your baby. The 3 adorable soft lambs spin as the detachable mobile projects 4 colourful light patterns and plays 4 songs and 40 melodies to help your little one sleep. The mobile can also play nature sounds or white noise and there is a 5,15 or 30 minute timer switch to select how long the songs or sounds play for. A remote control is included so you can change the volume or play or pause music without disturbing your little one. A sound sensor detects baby’s cry and plays songs and sounds to soothe.