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Wiggle & Jiggle Fishing Fun

Reel in the fun and learning with seven sea creatures that jiggle and wiggle when you catch them on the magnetic bobber of the fishing pole.
The smart bobber lights up to match each creature's color and responds with songs and phrases.
Three play modes, 10 songs and five melodies teach about animals, colors and numbers.
When you're done fishing, all seven sea creatures and the blue water playmat store in the bucket.
This interactive fishing toy with toy clam, crab,

Wiggle & Jiggle Fishing Fun



Box Dimension: 38.5 x 33 x 9.5 cm


Battery:2 x AA

The Wiggle & Jiggle Fishing Fun by VTech® is a fun packed smart fishing rod that will recognise its 7 wiggling sea creature friends! Reel in the lobster, octopus, seahorse, puffer fish, marlin, clam or crab to watch them wiggle and jiggle on the end of the line, then learn fun animal facts, colours and numbers through 3 exciting modes of play before releasing them again! Interactive light up bobber will flash to match the colours of the animals and reinforce learning and discovery. Each sea creature sings songs and the rod plays lots of fun melodies! Includes bucket for storage.

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