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Magic Adventure Globe - Bi-lingual (English & Chinese)

Magic Adventure Globe - Bi-lingual (English & Chinese)

  • Power On/Off Button, press and hold the Power On/Off Button for a few seconds, the globe will start up and you will hear a welcome message
  • Stylus, touch the tip of the stylus to the globe or one of the icons on the activity panel
  • Volume Control, press the – and + Volume Up/Down Buttons to adjust the volume
  • Power Supply, this device requires 4 AA batteries or a 5V 1A micro USB power adapter (not included)


Box Dimension: 33 x 42 x 33 cm


Battery:4 x AA

Explore more than 600 BBC videos and numerous pictures, you can learn 10 topics including continent, countries, animals, physical geography, landmarks, capitals, languages, currency, flag or population size. The globe also includes three game modes to deepen the knowledge through interactive questions and answers. It also cooperates with APP to play AR Earth games through APP to expand and learn more encyclopedic knowledge.

1. Explore Mode : In Explore mode, you can select any of the following 11 categories by tapping the Navigation Arrows using the Stylus, Continents, Countries, Animals, Geology, Landmarks, Capitals, Languages, Flags, Currency, Size, Mix-It-Up. After making a selection, use the Stylus to tap the Globe and explore the world, learning about your chosen category.
2. Language Selection : Use the stylus to select Chinese or English language.
3. Game Modes : Launch any of the three game modes by tapping their icon on the Activity Panel. Games include : Around the World in 20 Days, Amazing World Quiz Show, Where in the World.

AR intelligence, makes children fall in love with exploration! The mobile APP should be used with the Magic Adventure Globe, you can display 5 learning modules on the mobile phone, 25 interesting topics, 3D explanation, sound and explore the world geography, stimulate children's imagination!
25 fun topics: 360 panoramic video, World Map Puzzle, China Puzzle, Flag Q&A, Geography Q&A, The World's Most Quiz, China Q&A, Dinosaur Continent, Animal World, World Architecture, World Food, Countries, Solar System, Earth Structure, Weather, World School, World Celebrities, Famous Scenic Spots, Marine Life, Wildlife, China Seven Divisions, China Administrative Division, Chinese Terrain, Geographical Location of China.