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Race & Learn Driver

3 - 6 Years

Preschoolers, start your engines and buckle up for excitement with the Race & Learn Driver by VTech!

Race & Learn Driver

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  • Cruise through 20 exciting games, races and road trips with a driving toy that features a colourful game screen
  • Practice driving by using the turn signal indicator, horn, gear stick and high-tech dashboard buttons that let kids take calls, check maps, hear traffic reports on the radio
  • Build preschool skills around every turn with counting, spelling and problem-solving games available at destinations around town
  • Race to the winner’s circle of three exciting racetracks avoiding hazards along the way; win first place to level up


Box Dimension: 38 x 33 x 13.3 cm



This driving toy for kids has a colourful game screen and features of a real car including a steering wheel, gear stick, turn signal indicator, hazard lights, wipers and horn. Use the interactive dashboard buttons to take phone calls, hear music, traffic and weather on VTech Radio, get directions from the GPS maps, use autopilot to drive to destinations and more. Race around three exciting tracks, avoiding road hazards and other racecars to take your place in the winner’s circle. Each track has three levels; win first place to drive in more challenging races. Explore the farmer’s market and pick up preschool skills like colours and letters while shopping. Let’s fill up the tank! Head to the petrol station to count how many litres of petrol are needed. Then, get back on the road to explore the town and other places like the school, hospital, airport and train station. It’s a beautiful day for driving!