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Make & Spin Bouquet™

Build up beautiful bouquets with over 100 vibrant pieces, creating different flowers and plants that dance, bloom and spin.
Add more flair with the printed flower sheets or even color in your own; find more templates at the VTech Kids website.
Once the flowers are placed, press the buttons to play relaxing, classical or upbeat music and see the bouquet move to the tunes.
Flower pieces and pot are made from 90% reclaimed plastic, meaning less waste goes into landfills.

Make & Spin Bouquet™



Box Dimension: 20 x 28.8 x 9.4 cm


Battery:3 AA

Creativity is in bloom with the Make & Spin Bouquet™! With over 100 pieces made from 90% reclaimed plastic, budding florists will be able to create tons of different combinations. Build different flowers with a variety of stems, flowers, stamen and foliage, then choose where to place them in the pot. Fly the bee and butterfly over the creation and perch them on the petals to rest! Use the included flower templates to color in more petals and add your own unique twist. Once the bouquet is completed add some music, then watch as the flowerful creation spins and blooms in time to the rhythm. With this set that can be created again and again, spring is always in season! Batteries included for demo purposes only. New batteries recommended for regular use.