LeapBuilders® 123 Fix-It Truck™

Get creative and build a truck and more with 31 sturdy LeapBuilders® blocks including an electronic Smart Star™ cube that combines block play and learning content.

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Best for ages:

2+ Years


Get the fun rolling with the LeapBuilders® 123 Fix-It Truck™! Build, create and learn with this interactive 31-piece truck-themed block set. Kids can build using the easy-to-hold building blocks and double-sided learning blocks that feature tools and numbers. Insert the 15 double-sided learning blocks into the interactive Smart Star™ and it will respond with educational songs and encouraging phrases about numbers and colors that enhance building play with learning content. Build on the Smart Star™ cube to trigger sounds. Press the question button on the Smart Star™ to hear requests to find specific blocks in the set. The music button plays three learning songs and three melodies. Use learning blocks from other LeapBuilders® sets in the interactive cube to unlock additional content responses. Get building with smart blocks for smart kids. Batteries included for demo purposes only, new batteries recommended for regular use.

  • Includes 15 learning blocks and 16 building blocks.
  • Learning blocks interact with electronic Smart Star™ cube.
  • Interactive Smart Star™ triggers sounds and learning phrases.
  • Build a truck and more.
  • Blocks can be used with other LeapBuilders® playsets.

Product Number: 80-604800

Giftbox Size: 35 x 27.9 x 11.6 cm

Barcode: 341776604800-4

Battery: 2 x AAA