Follow Me Franklin™

Catch him if you can! Follow Me Franklin™ is an active little bear that skates, spins and wobbles across the floor, encouraging your little one to dance and crawl after him.


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Funds raised will support Save the Children's programs to ensure children are healthy, learning and safe – transforming their futures and ours.

Best for ages:

9 to 36 Months


When your child gets close, Franklin reacts with playful sounds and silly and encouraging phrases. Proximity sensors keep the bear clear of nearby objects. Five colorful shape buttons on the playful bear's sweatshirt introduce letters, counting, colors, music and more. In Dancing mode, Franklin introduces four music styles: country, rock & roll, hip hop and reggae. To keep the action moving, switch to Chase Me mode, and it's time to follow Franklin as fast as you can! Batteries included for demo purposes only, new batteries recommended for regular use.

  • Bear skates, spins, dances and skates away.
  • Sensors trigger sounds and silly and encouraging phrases.
  • Four music styles including country and regga.
  • Two modes: Catch Me mode and Dancing mode.
  • 70+ songs, melodies, sounds & phrases.

Product Number: 80-522800

Giftbox Size: 40 x 38.1 x 15 cm

Barcode: 341776522800-1

Battery: 4 x AA