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Enhance playtime with Go! Go! Smart Wheels®

Whether it’s your basic train set or a high-speed, looping race course, vehicle and track sets are perennially popular toys. Beyond the fun, toy cars and tracks are great playthings because they engage children in imaginative play while also developing fine motor skills, mechanical sense and spatial reasoning. VTech’s new Go! Go! Smart Wheels® line of toys takes this basic play pattern and enhances it with several important educational features.

Vehicles and tracks come in bright colors and are the perfect size for small hands. The playsets also connect to each other to create an entire world of Go! Go! Smart Wheels® tracks and accessories. I especially love all the spatial play that the Go! Go! Smart Wheels® toys encourage. First, children get to build the track, manipulating individual track pieces into varying configurations, like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Then they get to pull, push, haul, dump, tow, fly and more using the various vehicles. Cars can go up, down and around the interesting track—allowing complex, three-dimensional movements that teach physical principles far better than all the two-dimensional screens that are so ubiquitous in children’s lives today. All of this movement and fine motor practice helps teach children about gravity, momentum, friction and other physical principles in a fun and engaging way. Understanding such spatial and mechanical principles is crucial for later science and math learning, so it is important that girls and boys alike have lots of opportunity for this kind of constructive, spatial play.

Go! Go! Smart Wheels® also features VTech’s exclusive SmartPoint™ technology. SmartPoint™ vehicles respond to SmartPoint™ locations with music, lights or special play-promoting phrases like “let’s drive through the gate.” Other electronic enhancements teach letters, shapes, colors and even foreign language phrases. The fun sounds keep children engaged, promote listening skills and encourage children’s verbal and cognitive development.

To add to the fun, Go! Go! Smart Wheels® offers a variety of additional vehicles that includes all of kids’ favorites, such as a helicopter, tow truck, police car, ambulance, cement mixer and more (each sold separately). These vehicles stimulate children’s marvelous imaginations, letting them pretend to be a pilot, paramedic, police officer, construction worker and many other characters. Between their opportunity for imaginative play, spatial and mechanical practice, and language and category learning, VTech’s new Go! Go! Smart Wheels® line of toys is a winning combination.

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